The well-behaved high school student and Joan Baez

The well-behaved high school student and Joan Baez

When, as a well-behaved high school student, I was preparing my thesis on “The History of the Protest Song” during the summer of 1994 in order to complete my high school diploma, I could not have suspected that this would reveal a major change in my life. I stumbled upon Joan Baez’s autobiography and was immediately addicted to the subject. All of my studies (English and American Studies, Political Science) were shaped by the question of how resistance and art are interrelated. Not only did I compose my own songs (which turned me into writer, especially since it helped me find my way to poetry and later to prose), but with each class I solidified my admiration for an artist and activist like Joan Baez into an academic conviction. Both my diploma thesis and my doctoral thesis offer the undoubted facts of this unusual career. To prove how right Joan Baez has always been. This is why I am all the more pleased that my doctoral thesis will now appear in a revised and updated new edition more than ten years after it was first published.

The book will be released worldwide on March 16, 2021.

Further information here and here.


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